Lodge of Promise



   I wonder what Freemason’s from 300 years ago would think of the Web ?
Fortunately for us, to find out about Freemasonry, all you need is a connection !!
And that is exactly what being a Freemason is about, making a personal connection. With others who have the same feelings about charity, integrity, morals and, of course,

        Of the many Freemason Lodges in existence ‘The Lodge Of Promise’ having been formed in 1946 is relatively new !  (see History)

  We are fortunate that we are also growing in membership, but we want to welcome you !

      Please use the contacts form to make an enquiry or use the contact emails and we will get in touch
Answer your questions and hopefully arrange a meeting so we can get to know each other.



A few words from our Worshipful Master

Welcome and Thank You !

You may ask why I say that! Simply, because where you are now is exactly where I was about ten Years Ago !

Searching and trying to find out what its all about ? What can I expect ? What do I have to do ?

So you may well have heard good and bad, but I would suggest that the bad has never come from a Freemason !

What its all about ?  In simple terms and a phrase which rings true “ it makes good men better”.

What can I expect ?  To meet with like minded people who enjoy each others’ company and have the same morals.

What do I have To Do ?  Feel free to use the methods of contacting us on the site !

Once you make contact then we can arrange a meeting so you may get to know some of the members, and hopefully decide to join. At that time, some of those questions may be answered and you will become part of what I believe is one of best and most positive organisations throughout the world.


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