Lodge of Promise

Lodge History

Lodge History

The Foundation of the Lodge of Promise No. 6192 in 1945

In the beginning

The Foundation of a New Lodge requires very careful thought, but the Founders were enthusiastic and experienced Freemasons, with keen appreciation that there was a real need for a new Lodge.

The Twelve Founder Brethren deputed W.Bro. W.F. TRAVERS CLEAVER M.C., L.G.R., in conjunction with W.Bro. A.G. EAMES, to apply to Grand Lodge for a Charter and this they did in March 1945:

The following are extracts from the Lodge Summons Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the founding of the Lodge of Promise 

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March 27th, 1945

Communication from the Grand Secretary dated November 8th, 1945 stated that the M.W. Grand Master was pleased to grant the request for the formation of the New Lodge of Promise No. 6192.

The Lodge was Consecrated on 2nd January 1946 by the Grand Lodge Officers:

The V.W.Bro. Sydney A. White, M.V.O.
Grand Secretary

The R.W.Bro. The Hon. Mr. Justice Vaisey. P.G.W. at S.W.

W.Bro. Sir Alexander Fleming, M.B., B.S.  F.R.C.S,.
At J.W.

W.Bro. Rev. J. Moffat, B.A., P.A.G., Chaplain
As Chaplain

The V.W.Bro Philip C. Bull, D.S.O., T.D., G.D.C.
As D.C.

W.Bro. A. Richardson, P.A.G.D.C.
As I.G.

Founders and First Officers 1945-1946


W.Bro. Maurice Fred Travers Cleaver M.C., L.G.R., P.Z. W.M.
W.Bro. Frederick Alexander Adams L.G.R. I.P.M.
W.Bro. William Herbert Walker L.G.R. S.W.
W.Bro. George Norris L.G.R. J.W.
W.Bro. Arthur Gordon Eames P.P.S.G.D., P.P.G.Soj.(Sussex) Treasurer
W. Bro. Septimus Lester Martin L.G.R. Chaplain
W.Bro. Edward Joseph Acker L.G.R. S.D.
W.Bro. Leaonard David Durham  J.D.
W.Bro. Maurice James Stodell L.G.R. I.G.
W.Bro. Horace Arthur Foster L.G.R. Steward
Bro James Angus Cumming Organist

The formation of the Lodge of Promise Lodge of Instruction followed shortly after the Consecration of the Lodge and has continued happily and efficiently without interruption during the whole of our seventy-two years. We owe our thanks to all who taught and gave guidance, and to all who have helped to build this thriving lodge we all now enjoy. Successive Masters have voiced their gratitude and the Guests of our Lodge have been unanimous in their appreciation.


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