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The ideal Candidate

Our Ideal Candidate should have a sense of humour and enjoy life. Though he may have risen to great heights he should not have forgotten his roots.
Given that the Lodge has a wide age range we are able to welcome new members at any point in their adult life. However, the younger the man who wishes to join the better for him.
Such is the nature of the Lodge that any person, of any calling, would fit in as long as they had a good sense of humour. A stuffed shirt would not be happy with us.

We would encourage any man over 18, who lives his life according to a set of values and who has a belief in a Supreme Being, to contact us. We also warmly welcome any existing Freemason looking to join a new Lodge. As with all Freemasonry, neither religion nor politics are discussed at meetings.

We seek as members those who can commit to a regular attendance at Lodge meetings and who wish to contribute to the life and work of the Lodge itself. We are particularly interested in candidates who can enhance our reputation for the ceremonial aspects of Freemasonry and who would one day wish to become its Worshipful Master.


There is a cost involved for membership of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Metropolitan Grand Lodge as well as for our meal after Lodge Meetings but, the majority of funds collected are for charity. The cost will be discussed with you when you apply.

Need more information?

If you feel you need more information before approaching us about possible membership, please Click Here for access to a leaflet giving more background.

So, how do you become a member?

Simply complete the contact form, or email our Secretary at: secretary6192@freemasons.london and the information you require will be provided.


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